Daphne Jonas | Ninja Nanny 2 // Kostuum op set
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Ninja Nanny 2 // Kostuum op set

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Hunter begins to understand more of Pencak Silat. And triggered by Farah‘s childhood memories she feels more and more curious about her father. In the village the ninjas are more popular than ever. Hunter gets involved in the ninja mania, and she makes a deal with Christa: together they will save the world – as Superninjas.

Hunter and Farah grow apart. Van der Kraai becomes major, Joaquim loses his grandfather ánd Hunter‘s family gets harassed by a motor gang – that is the moment Hunter needs Farah more than ever. Not just to fight against the evil forces in the village, but against the dark powers inside herself as well. Will Hunter discover who she really is and find her father?



Regie &  Scenario: Sia Hermanides, Alieke van Saarloos in collaboration with Karen van Holst Pellekaan.

Kostuumontwerp: Isis Vaandrager

Kostuum op set: Iris Janssen, Daphne Jonas

Cast: Gina Spadaro, Denise Aznam, Eva van de Wijdeven, Edwin Jonker, Bas Keijzer, Dana Goldberg

Producent: the Storytellers